Internet of Goldfish with Bruno Patino

photo credit: Bruno Levy

Bruno Patino thinks the economics of the Internet are set up to give us the attention spans of goldfish. In this week’s episode, Bruno tells us why France, a country such good public broadcast media, has so much trouble reigning in corporate social media.

How do we reimagine Twitter?

With news that Elon Musk is purchasing Twitter, we recorded a rare hot takes episode. In addition to Ethan sharing his thoughts, we invited Deepti Doshi from New Public and Nathan Schneider on to talk about the need for platforms that bolster democracy.

Brandon Silverman, ex-Crowdtangle/Facebook: “legislation is coming”

Brandon Silverman developed a news analytics tool called Crowdtangle that was so good at tracking popular stories on Facebook that the company acquired it. Today on Reimagining the Internet, Brandon tells us how he’s working to regulate his former employer. Transcript Ethan Zuckerman: Hey, everybody. Welcome back to Reimagining The Internet. I remain Ethan Zuckerman.… Continue reading Brandon Silverman, ex-Crowdtangle/Facebook: “legislation is coming”

Cory Doctorow wants to set your Facebook data free

What the hell is “adversarial interopability”? Science fiction writer and prolific blogger Cory Doctorow thinks it’s going to set you free from Facebook, letting you take your data and pictures wherever you want to go. And he believes surveillance capitalism is standing in your way.

It’s About Safety in Gaming with T.L. Taylor

were thrilled by her accounts of how gaming spaces are harbingers of social trends to come, online and off. Sometimes those are real problems like coordinated harassment, but sometimes those are collective solutions like distributed moderation and efforts to forge safe spaces.

How to Fix the Internet with EFF

this week to share an episode from our friends’ podcast. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has an excellent show hosted by Cindy Cohn and Danny O’Brien called How to Fix the Internet. Our show has a lot in common with theirs – in fact it has so much in common that they had Ethan on their show back in January. We’re that interview today, and if you enjoy it, be sure to subscribe to How to Fix the Internet for more.

We Love Music, So Why Is Joe Rogan Getting Rich?

"Now That's What I Call Music" was series that collected all the music you could hear on the radio for free. It used to cost about $20.

We’re Doing What We Love So Joe Rogan Can Get Paid Seven Figures Say the N-Word, Denigrate Trans People, and Undermine Vaccines