Welcome to Smalltown, a Civic Space Online

Amherst Town Meeting, held April 5, 1997. Image courtesy of Amherst Community Television, via CC BY-ND 4.0 license.

At iDPI we’re agitating for a smaller future of the Internet. To illustrate this, it’s helpful to think about rooms. Offline, there are all sorts of rooms that we gather in: there are churches, bars, gyms—what we do in each of those is pretty different. Facebook is like a big conference center, with high ceilings,… Continue reading Welcome to Smalltown, a Civic Space Online

Keyword: Interoperability

Different types of cacti can be grafted onto each other, creating a way for two plants to grow together. Is this succulent interoperability? (Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons via Yercaud-elango)

Interoperability — it’s a gruesome little chunk of jargon that refers to a fairly fundamental tenet of the Internet. Simply, it means that different applications and devices can share the same data with one another. As users, we enjoy interoperability daily.

Librarian Jessamyn West on the Classroom Where We Learn to be Human

In part 2 of our interview with Jessamyn West, the new MetaFilter owner tells us about her day job as a librarian in rural Vermont and her years spent working to close the digital divide. Inevitably, we talk about the library as a new battleground for right-wing reactionaries and its role as one of the few remaining public institutions.

Googling like an Evangelical with Francesca Tripodi

What does Francesca Tripodi have in common with the Evangelical Christians she studied? They both do their own research, and they find lots of propaganda. This week on Reimagining, Francesca gives us a crash course on the sprawling conservative disinformation ecosystem.

Ben Tarnoff Wants an Internet for the People

Ben Tarnoff has a radical idea: unprivatize the Internet. The writer, Logic Magazine founder, and tech worker activist joins us to talk about his new book outlining what a truly public Internet would look like, from the fiber optic cables to the social media platforms platforms.