We Mapped Reddit: Introducing RedditMap.social

By Ethan Zuckerman “Accents are just mouth fonts.” That brilliant observation is just one of the gems I found today on r/BrandNewSentence, an online community dedicated to collecting “sentences never before written, found in the wild”. Fans of these strange sentences also enjoy r/NatureIsMetal, which features images of animals being savage or brutal, and r/InstantKarma,… Continue reading We Mapped Reddit: Introducing RedditMap.social

Keyword: Decentralization

Map of United States postal service routes west of the Mississippi in 1867, depicting an early distributed communication network. Courtesy of the Library of Congress.

This is an entry in our Keyword series, where we try to define the terms you’ll often hear when people talk about building a better Internet and put those keywords in their current context. The term decentralization gets thrown around a lot today, often referring to a paradigm shift in Internet technologies that’s just around… Continue reading Keyword: Decentralization

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