02 Evan Henshaw-Plath, Planetary.Social

Evan Henshaw-Plath (aka Rabble), founder of Planetary.Social and member of Twitter’s founding team, joins the podcast to talk about decentralized social media, how context collapse makes content moderation on platforms like Facebook and Twitter impossible, and building a platform that’s safe for people like furries while keeping away people like neo-Nazis. Vist our episode web page for links to Planetary.Social and a transcript of this interview.

01 Talia Stroud, Civic Signals

Talia Stroud from the University of Texas joins us to talk about her project Civic Signals, a project reimagining the Internet as a public space. She walks us through what’s wrong with the type of speech currently rewarded by Facebook and Twitter, and what it might look like to promote civic speech instead. Recorded August, 2020. Visit our episode web page for links to Civic Signals’ website and newsletter, and Eli Pariser’s TED Talk.

Welcome to Reimagining the Internet

Our host Ethan Zuckerman introduces iDPI’s new podcast, talking about the need to create online spaces in the public interest instead of a corporate profit motive. Join us as we interview activists, scholars, journalists, and entrepreneurs reimagining the internet as we know it today.