Welcome to Season 2 of Reimagining the Internet

Reimagining the Internet
Reimagining the Internet
Welcome to Season 2 of Reimagining the Internet

Welcome back to Season 2 of Reimagining the Internet. We’ll be running new interviews and reruns of some of our favorite past episodes, as well inviting some new voices to take over the podcast from time to time.


Ethan Zuckerman:

Hi everyone, this is Ethan Zuckerman welcoming you to season 2 of Reimagining the Internet. We’re going to continue interviewing academics, activists, artists, and entrepreneurs figuring out what’s wrong with the internet and thinking about how to fix it, but we’re also going to try to mix things up with season 2.

We released a pretty unbelievable 31 episodes between October 2020 and June 2021. In case you weren’t following us from the very beginning, we’re going to be rebroasting some of our favorites from season 1 throughout this fall and winter. That’s going to include our very first episode with Talia Stroud of the Civic Signals project and our interview from last year with Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, which was a personal favorite of mine.

And as season 2 goes on, I’m hoping to hand the mic over to some other people. Later this year, our producer Mike Sugarman will be presenting some episodes about how musicians, artists, and other cultural creatives are reimagining how the internet supports creative communities, online and off. He’s going to be talking about web radio, music streaming, Discord servers, some other trends that he’s really knowledgeable about and that I haven’t had the chance to talk about.

We’ll have other announcements coming up that will broaden the range of voices you’re hearing on this podcast. In the meantime, we have great interviews recorded with the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Jillian York, Black Planet founder Omar Wasow, and a few other very special guests.

Thanks as always for tuning in. We hope the new season of Reimagining the Internet gets you excited all sorts of possible futures of the Internet.

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