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Reimagining the Internet
Reimagining the Internet
Reimagine with Us

Hi friends, thanks as always for listening. We’re taking a break from our regularly scheduled programming to ask you to take part in Reimagining the Internet. Give us a rating wherever you’re listening to this podcast right now, join our subreddit at r/publicinfrastructure, and take a survey about the podcast a

Thank you as always for listening, and we’re really excited for you to tell us what you think about our show.

Find Ethan’s blog post about the podcast here.


Ethan Zuckerman:

Hi, everybody. Ethan Zuckerman here. As always, you’re listening to Reimagining The Internet. We’ve been broadcasting the show since September 2020, which frankly, I’m shocked to hear myself say out loud, because even though that was only a year-and-a-half ago, it feels like a previous lifetime.

I wrote a post on my own blog recently about how these interviews have been my main opportunity to have good conversations with people that I don’t know very well, which has really been a godsend during the pandemic where I’ve been spending a lot more time home in Western Massachusetts than I’m used to.

Somehow over the past year-and-a-half, we’ve attracted quite a few listeners like you, thoughtful, curious people who are as hungry as we are for a new and better internet. And frankly, it’s time that we finally ask you to take part in the show. So we’re inviting all of you, all of our listeners to do a couple of things.

First, leave a rating for this show, wherever you listen to it, whether that’s on iTunes or Spotify, or any of the different places where you might find this podcast. It helps all of those inscrutable algorithms boost our show and bring it to other people. Second, we’d be really thrilled if you took five minutes to fill out a feedback survey, where you can tell us what you like about the show, who you’d like us to talk to, what else you would like to see from Reimagining The Internet. That survey is right on our website at You can also find it in the description of this episode, and while you’re there, we hope you’ll sign up for the iDPI mailing list as well.

And then finally, we just started our very own subreddit, r/publicinfrastructure. We’d love for you to come join us there. For a long time, we’ve admired Reddit. We really admire the platform’s community governance toolbox, the focus on collective values, and the ways in which the very best Reddits, not all subreddits, but the very best subreddits actually show the power of moderation online.

We’ve admired Reddit’s strategy for community governance. We love that they value a diversity in how communities are run and moderated, and we wanted to take advantage of that ability to build a community around our ideas and values. We’re building the good web with internal projects like Small Town and Gobo, but we think that great subreddits are part of the good web too, and so we want to be part of it.

So come and join us there at r/publicinfrastructure to chat about the podcast, learn about the internet tools and communities that we’re the most excited about, and to share anything and everything that’s helping you reimagine the internet. Thank you as always for listening. We really do hope that you’ll tell us what you think about the show.

We have a lot of exciting conversations coming up over the rest of the year, and if you share your best thinking with us, we’ll have even more exciting, interesting ideas to share. Again, you can find that survey at, and the new community on Reddit at Thanks so much, hope to see you online.